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united nations women’s international forum on climate

More than 100 women from countries around the world gathered at the United Nations in NYC this month for a UN Women’s International Forum on climate solutions. I was there to listen and join this important moment and movement. With Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Lead Negotiator representing Palau and The […]

pbs ecosense for living

I’m honored to collaborate with PBS series Ecosense for Living! Their new season will premiere nationwide this April for Earth Month and episode 303 ‘Do We Still Need the Clean Air Act?’ will include scenes from our Climate Listening Project series “The Story We Want” with Moms Clean Air Force. The episode explores what led to […]

students listening to climate change stories

Young people are taking action on climate change. With the Youth Strike 4 Climate and the Fridays for Future Movement, tens of thousands of young people are walking out of their classrooms to protest government inaction on climate change. Young people are taking action on the climate crisis and leading the activism on the Green […]

communicating climate change: how to connect science with stories

I often speak about climate change at colleges and universities. This past month, I had the opportunity to share Climate Listening Project films and host a public discussion at my alma mater, the University of West Florida on communicating climate change and how to connect science with stories. In addition to my presentation and film […]

climate change on npr

I recently talked climate change on NPR (National Public Radio) with host Bob Barrett which aired on Northwest Florida’s NPR WUWF. Dayna Reggero began The Climate Listening Project back in 2014. It involves her traveling around the world and filming the stories she hears. “(We talk to) farmers, people who fish, parents, scientists, birders. And […]

climate and travel podcast

Introducing the iHeart Radio Speaking of Travel + Climate Listening Project Series with hosts Dayna Reggero and Marilyn Ball! How is climate change impacting places we love to travel? *Places people also call home. Speaking of Travel Podcast host Marilyn Ball and Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero invite experts and travelers to talk about how […]

photo series: 17 humans around the world working for climate hope

The recent IPCC climate report shares a grim forecast for the future of humanity. Is there hope? My latest Climate Listening Project photo series, Voices of Hope for Forests, features individuals from Indonesia, Mozambique, Tasmania, China, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Scotland, England, and United States – all working together to protect forests and […]

new virtual reality film

“Standing Forests” : NEW Virtual Reality Film This 360 video in collaboration with Dogwood Alliance takes you to a standing forest and reveals what is happening to forests throughout the Southern United States and around the world. The film is now available to watch free on VEER TV, the leading global VR content platform. Watch and […]

climate listening project + national geographic

After traveling and listening to so many truths for nearly five years, I am re-launching the Climate Listening Project with a new vision. You can follow along with me on my expeditions on National Geographic Open Explorer: https://openexplorer.nationalgeographic.com/expedition/climatelisteningproject I will be focusing the Climate Listening Project not only on our changing climate, but how we are changing […]

new short film! building climate hope at home

I’m thrilled to share my latest collaborative Climate Listening Project compilation documentary film showcasing how one community is “Building Climate Hope at Home”! Watch: We’re connected to each other through the places we call home. Climate change is impacting the places we live, the places we love. The Green Built Alliance in Western North Carolina […]