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ten forest survival essentials

I went on ABC TV to talk about the top ten forest survival essentials. 1. water 2. food 3. first aid 4. flashlight (with batteries) 5. waterproof matches 6. multipurpose tool (or knife) 7. shelter / sleeping bag, cover 8. extra clothes / rain gear 9. navigation (map, compass, gps) 10. signaling device (whistle, mirror) […]

garden harvest

Grateful for this week’s bountiful harvest of carrots, watermelon, jalapeno peppers, arugula, and green beans. The eggplant, broccoli, tabasco peppers, Anaheim peppers, cucumbers, and onions are looking great. Photos coming soon. I need to get more fall crops in the ground, like lettuce, spinach, and other greens.

talking climate change

It was great meeting Ian Somerhalder this weekend. I am thankful to work on such amazing projects with such inspiring people. “We are here to address the biggest threat of our time – climate change,” Somerhalder said while speaking at Asheville’s Beyond Coal rally. The rally was filmed for a new Showtime series, “Years of […]

ian somerhalder and asheville #actonclimate

I’m excited to help spread the word about climate change with the Western North Carolina Alliance, Sierra Club Beyond Coal, and actor and activist Ian Somerhalder (Lost, Vampire Diaries). This Saturday, come to Pack Square in Asheville at 2 pm to #ActonClimate. The rally will feature inspiring speakers, music, and important community conversations. The climate […]

wild foods

I’ve recently been learning about wild edibles. Chimney Rock State Park hosted a Wild Mushroom Walk with celebrity mycologist Alan Muskat, and will be hosting more wild food events in the future. All this rain means more mushrooms, and 1,000 species of mushrooms could be growing in the Park. The State Park will be Mushroom Hikes […]

woody harrelson’s new tree-friendly paper

So excited to share news from the big launch of Step Forward Paper, co-founded by Woody Harrelson! Watch this video to hear about it from Woody: “It’s very important that we shift. The forests are the lungs of the world. I’ve always believed if you breathe, you’re an environmentalist.” – Woody Harrelson in Grist. “I […]

a trending idea

I wrote an article for Triple Pundit and am amazed to see it being shared over and over again – becoming the top hot article!! Thank you so much to Sara Day Evans of Accelerating Appalachia and Rosa Lee Harden of Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) and HUB Bay Area for providing their insight and ideas. […]

how to dry fresh garden herbs

I love oregano. It is easy to grow in a garden, raised bed, indoor pot, or container. I dried this organic oregano by pruning a small bunch stems with a ceramic blade, hanging them in a dry location for three weeks, trimming the leaves off the stems, and storing in a glass jar in a […]