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Nationwide – Clean Air Moms Action, in partnership with the Climate Listening Project, has travelled the country collecting stories from moms speaking out to protect little lungs from harmful air pollution that leads to bad air quality in too many communities across the United States. These moms share with viewers how the same pollution making our children sick is causing rising temperatures and extreme weather events, like the recent Hurricane Matthew.

From the oil and gas operations of western Pennsylvania to the fire ravaged land in Colorado, from coal ash concerns in North Carolina to the dramatic flooding in southern Florida as part of an unusually high King Tides, the courageous moms interviewed share personal stories of the real-life impacts of air pollution and climate change on their families.

Clean Air Moms Action gives audiences an inside look at the stakes in this election as seen through the unique lens of motherhood:

“Make no mistake about it: the moms we’ve met care deeply about protecting the health of their children and grandchildren and are empowered to vote for leaders who will work to put their children’s health ahead of polluter’s profits,” said Gretchen Dahlkemper, Director of Clean Air Moms Action.

The primary goal for the “Talking Mom to Mom Series” is to connect moms across the United States who challenge us all to fight for a better future out of a deep love, for not only their children, but all children.

“These stories weave together a powerful narrative about motherly love, resilience and hope in a climate-changing world,” said Dayna Reggero, the series’ filmmaker.

One of the most important thing moms can do this election is to vote as if their children’s health depends on it – because it does. A recent survey circulated last month suggested that upwards of 12 million American moms were undecided in the leadup to this election but the moms we’ve spoken to are not only decided but decisive when it comes to protecting their children and ensuring a better tomorrow.

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About the Organization: Clean Air Moms Action is the political action partner of Moms Clean Air Force and a special project of the Environmental Defense Fund. As moms, we are building strong, bipartisan support to protect our children from the health impacts of air pollution – including the urgent crisis of our changing climate. By cultivating unlikely political support and mobilizing an army of concerned parents, we work toward keeping toxic chemicals out of our homes and bodies and delivering climate change solutions big and small. To learn more about our work, visit:

About the Filmmaker: Dayna Reggero is an environmentalist, and the force behind the Climate Listening Project which produces hopeful conversations on climate and community. To learn more about her work, visit:

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Climate Listening Project

Director: Dayna Reggero

Director of Photography: Adams Wood

Editor: Francine Cavanaugh

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Sasha Tenenbaum


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