film review: earth•people•words

I’m very emotional right now reading this documentary film review of Earth•People•Words, y’all. Thank you so much to Filmotomy and film reviewer Michael Frank!

“Documentaries have long been an opportunity for filmmakers to make a statement, using real people’s stories combined with pointed interviews. The medium has been used by some filmmakers to pick a side, propagate an idea, or fight against societal issues. Dayna Reggero meanwhile is just trying to listen.” … “I left this documentary more optimistic, more aware, and more resolved to chip in. I’m sure whoever sees Reggero’s film will feel the same.”

Thank you to poets Joy Harjo, Elizabeth Bradfield, Sean Hill, and Laura Hope-Gill for sharing your stories.

“Their sentences rustle and sweep across you, and I found myself rewinding 15 seconds to hear each one of them speak again.”

And thanks to editor Polly Schattel, artist Shannon Bodeau and producer Laura Hope-Gill!

Read the full review here


Poetry holds humanity together. It is story-intelligence—how to listen, how to say, how to hold space for silence in between. Poetry’s techniques offer thought structures holding oneness, where everyone belongs, where all life is sacred. Poetry is not new to the conversation of climate or human rights. It is the vessel that always has held, and continues to hold, Earth, People, and Words in unity and balance.