global climate change theatre action

Climate Listening Project was live on air on WPVM FM as part of international Climate Change Theatre Action during COP25 with important messages from playwrights around the world. We performed several plays written under the theme “Lighting the Way” to give center stage to the unsung climate warriors and climate heroes who are lighting the way towards a just and sustainable future.

This “staged reading” was directed by and featuring Daniele Martin, Barbie Angell, and me, (plus many thanks to child guest star Lennon Angell). And big gratitude to our producer Davyne Dial! We need all of us to set the stage for a better planet. As part of a global wave of theatre action in every state and countries around the world during the COP25 international climate talks, this on air “staged reading” was produced by the Climate Listening Project with a special call to action to share your stories and create your art – we need YOU!


Featuring plays: “Kumu Kukui” by Kiki Rivera (Samoan-Filipinx born and raised in Hawaii), “Birthday Suit” by MaryAnn Karanja (Kenya), “Dust” by Marcus Youssef (Canada), and “Appealing” by Paula Cizmar (USA).

Thanks to Climate Change Theatre Action for creating this wave of storytelling and action!