the human faces of climate change – salon feature

Thanks to and writer Lauryn Higgins for a great feature on my work through the years and most recently sharing the human faces of climate change through my Climate Listening Project.

Here’s a few excerpts from our conversation:

By trade, Reggero is an environmentalist. Her work spans over two decades and ranges from filmmaking to beginning her career as a spokesperson. However, her most skilled work might come in the form of organizing conversations, or simply starting them. Her most recent work, “Climate Listening Project,” is a docu-series that has partnered with Moms Clean Air Force, National Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, Cultivating Resilience, Green Chalice and The Collider.

“Connecting the science to the people is my ultimate goal,” she said. “If I can help accelerate the conversation in any way, I’ll feel like I’m doing something right.”

With the ever-growing number of women working in male-dominated fields such as film and science, Reggero is further evidence that you can show up and be the best person for the job and just happen to be female. “Every woman who succeeds where women haven’t succeeded before is a win, and I just want to keep that momentum going.”

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