new video: dear tomorrow

This video is dedicated to all moms fighting to create a clean and safe planet for our kids.

DearTomorrow empowers people to build a positive climate legacy by sending a message to their loved ones living in the future.

Last Mother’s Day, DearTomorrow letters were written by moms across America as part of a collaboration with Moms Clean Air Force. Jill Kubit of DearTomorrow selected lines from each letter, weaving them together to create a powerful and hopeful story.

Last fall, I traveled around the country with Moms Clean Air Force to eight states: New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and California. I was filming women for the Clean Air Moms Action Moms Series; listening to women for the Climate Listening Project + Moms Clean Air Force new documentary series: The Story We Want; and filming women reading lines from the DearTomorrow letters for this new video.

Through letters, these individuals communicate passionately with their children on their commitment to protect them through doing everything they can to combat climate change.

Video Credits:
Script by Jill Kubit
Director: Dayna Reggero
Editor: Francine Cavanaugh
Director of Photography: Adams Wood
Cinematographer: Joanna Arnow
Adviser: Gretchen Dahlkemper
Adviser: Molly Blank