official film festival finalist

              Wood Thrush Connection

Honored to be an Official Film Festival Finalist, 2017 Boone Film Festival!












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September 30, 2017, 12:00 show and the 6:30 show

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Official Film Festival Finalist

Watch the Wood Thrush Connection Trailer:

The Wood Thrush Connection 25 minute feature documentary film is by Climate Listening Project with National Audubon Society, Forsyth Audubon, Audubon North Carolina, Audubon International Alliances Program, and Belize Audubon Society. From Director, Dayna Reggero, Cinematographer, Editor Andrea Desky, and Adviser Kim Brand.

Each spring, birders in North Carolina wait eagerly to hear the melodious song of the Wood Thrush ringing out across forests and leafy clearings. Unfortunately, habitat fragmentation and other threats have caused U.S. populations to decline by more than 60 percent in the last five decades, and the species is also threatened by climate change…

This film from the Climate Listening Project tells the story of the partnership between North Carolina and Belize to protect the bird on two continents amid a changing climate.

Learn more from National Audubon Society: Can a little bird’s big screen debut help tackle climate change