Dayna Reggero Recommendations

“When Dayna Reggero is in the room, everybody’s laughing, everybody’s smiling, intoxicated by the tiny woman who is brimming over with bubbly. An environmental filmmaker, Reggero has that edge of drama and passion that spills into the work she loves.”

Asheville Citizen Times

“One the things that makes Dayna so critical to the success of so many different types of sustainability projects, in addition to her skills and experience, is her passionate drive and her contagious joy. To know Dayna is to know her work is fueled by a deep empathy for all living things and a unwavering conviction that the solutions to social and environmental challenges are within our reach if we keep our head up, jump and grab them.”​

Joshua Martin, Environmental Paper Network

“Dayna’s global reach in sustainability is grounded in her complete and unstoppable dedication to doing good for 100% of people, planet and prosperity at all times. She has exceptional instincts for bringing together the right people at the right time to make great things happen, garners global press for the companies with whom she opts to work, and generally makes magic happen. Love working with Dayna!”​ Sara Day Evans, Accelerating Appalachia

“You are a real pro at what you do both as a specialist and an adroit generalist in addition to being a genuinely great human being.”

Mack Pearsall, Founder, The Collider

“It’s tough finding the right human (or humans) to work with. That’s why it’s important for me to not only work with good workers but also good people. Dayna is definitely one of those! She’s committed to quality and what’s best for the planet, putting those needs before her own. It’s a rare find.”​

Jerry James Stone, Discovery

“With such a clear passion for engaging people to protect the environment and create a better world, Dayna is truly a joy to work with. Her optimism and positive outlook are infectious!”​

Kelly Martin, Sierra Club

“Having worked closely with Dayna Reggero for many years now, I can say without reservation that she is one of the top professionals in her field.”

Dr. Kevin Danaher, Green Festival Co-Founder, Global Exchange Co-Founder

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