students listening to climate change stories

Young people are taking action on climate change. With the Youth Strike 4 Climate and the Fridays for Future Movement, tens of thousands of young people are walking out of their classrooms to protest government inaction on climate change. Young people are taking action on the climate crisis and leading the activism on the Green New Deal as part of the Sunrise Movement. From Xiuhtezcatl Martinez to Greta Thunberg and so many others in communities around the world, youth are calling for and creating climate action and solutions for their future. Let’s listen!!

I’m honored to collaborate through the Climate Listening Project to support students listening to climate change stories to bring attention to the climate crisis. College students at Appalachian State University are listening and creating multi-media presentations as part of their Sustainable Development Program; ninth graders in high school at the Franklin School of Innovation are listening and creating podcasts as part of an intensive long-term learning expedition study; and fourth graders in elementary school at The Montessori School of Winston-Salem are listening and incorporating climate listening curriculum into their classrooms.

Appalachian State University – College Students

I recently presented a film screening and discussion at Appalachian State University as part of the Department of Sustainable Development’s “Outreach Skills for Sustainability”. This is especially exciting because Appalachian State University just launched a Climate Action Collaborative to work with local university, government, business and citizen interest groups to initiate effective, just and necessary transformations that address the causes and develop remedies for escalating social, cultural, economic and political problems due to climate disruption. Also, as part of App State’s Climate Stories Collaborative, this spring they are going to be making short films  and multi-media after listening to climate stories from people on their campus and in their community. One student mentioned they might create a graphic novel! 

Franklin School of Innovation – High School Students

I am collaborating with the Franklin School of Innovation on a learning expedition, an intensive long-term study, focused on climate change. The final product will be student-created podcasts. Prior to this the students are gaining background knowledge on climate change in science and learning rhetorical appeals in English. The next big phase will see the students going out into the field speaking (and interviewing) industry experts. They will be making relevant connections to the guiding question “how do small actions lead to big changes?” – and will even be analyzing the Paris Climate Accords and holding debates. I will introduce them to and expand on the Climate Listening Project, explaining my vision and thought process, and hosting a workshop where students learn how to create engaging thoughtful podcasts. This will all culminate with a celebration of learning where folks from the community will be invited to sit and listen to their podcasts through a “listening party”!

Montessori School of Winston-Salem – Elementary School Students

Forsyth Audubon, in partnership with Piedmont Environmental Alliance in Winston-Salem, NC, have developed a 4th grade curriculum program featuring our Climate Listening Project “Wood Thrush Connection” film we created in collaboration with Forsyth Audubon, North Carolina Audubon, Belize Audubon, International Audubon Alliances Program, and National Audubon Society. The program was launched at the Montessori School of Winston-Salem and will be rolled out at elementary schools across the state. The Wood Thrush Connection film follows the migratory path of the Wood Thrush from North Carolina to Belize and is an important story showing people working together across borders to protect this beloved bird. I am thrilled that young people will have an opportunity to engage with this story, learn about climate change, engage with ways to take action, and take these messages further at home!

What Can You Do?

Listen to these powerful young people & share your climate story in your community.