video: women working together for a better world

So much fun talking with Rosa Lee Harden, co-founder and executive producer of SOCAP: Social Capital Markets, about bringing together investors and communities to provide support to women entrepreneurs and other innovators who are solving environmental or social problems.

I think women are actually more tuned in to being social entrepreneurs. Women tend to think about, “how is this going to affect the children, how is this going to affect the water supply, how is this going to make this a better place for my family to live?” Not that men don’t think about those things too, I think it’s just more top of mind for women because it has been our responsibility over the generations to look after what’s coming next and to look after the next generation in a way that men have been looking after what gets on the table today. So I think women have a lot to offer in the social entrepreneurial world. – Rosa Lee Harden

My favorite part is at the end at 8:56! Watch: