wood thrush connection film connecting belize & u.s.

I traveled from North Carolina to Belize to film the story of the Wood Thrush as told through the people who are taking action for birds and climate change.

The newly discovered Wood Thrush connection between North Carolina’s breeding grounds and Belize’s wintering grounds has inspired action to help this beloved bird. Audubon North Carolina’s Climate Initiative brings attention to the challenges birds face as our climate changes. For the Wood Thrush, a bird that travels thousands of miles between its breeding grounds in eastern North America to its wintering grounds in Central America, the threats of climate change are compounded by dwindling habitat. According to Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report, the Wood Thrush is predicted to lose up to 82 percent of its summer range by 2080.

In partnership with Forsyth Audubon, The Wood Thrush Connection, produced by the Climate Listening Project, connects people around the world – from North Carolina to Belize – through a shared love of the climate threatened Wood Thrush. Meet some climate heroes, learn about full life-cycle conservation approaches, and take action to help this beloved song bird.

We created a short video that was released online and a 25-minute feature documentary that is screening at events around the world. Here’s the short online video released by Audubon North Carolina and the documentary trailer released by the National Audubon Society:



Details about the Wood Thrush Connection: http://nc.audubon.org/woodthrushconnection

Details on the Climate Listening Project: http://climatelisteningproject.org

Produced by the Climate Listening Project
Writer & director: Dayna Reggero
Cinematographer & editor: Andrea Desky
Executive producers: Forsyth Audubon, Audubon North Carolina, National Audubon Society
Narrated by: Dayna Reggero
Production managers: Kim Brand, Carol Gearhart
Scientific collaborators: Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Audubon International Alliances Program
Photographers: Doss Dingli, National Audubon Society GIS team; Justin Cook; Phil Dickinson; Katherine K. Thorington; David Shuford
Special thanks: Ardmore United Methodist Church, Belize Audubon Society, Che’il Chocolate Factory, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Crooked Tree Lodge, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Crystal Paradise Resort, Historic Bethabara Park, Jungle Jeanie by the Sea, K23 Media, Pilot Mountain State Park, Wright’s Backyard Birding Center
Belize interviews: Amanda Acosta, Brett Bailey, Thomas Can, Dareece Chuc, Nicacio Coc, Derick Hendy, Matt Jeffery, Roni Martinez, Rubilio Pop, Julio Saqui, Albert Shol, Kevin Tut
North Carolina interviews: Jesse Anderson, Kim Brand, Jean Chamberlain, Nita Colvin, Nathan Gatto, Sarah Gatto, Carol Gearhart, Kitty Jensen, Warren Jones, Laura Phail, Jeremy Reiskind, Rob Rogers, Curtis Smalling, Katherine K. Thorington, Cara Woods, Tony Woods
Participants: Barb Borucki, Rick Borucki, Melrose Buchanan, Rubin Crawford, David Disher, Susan Disher, Henry Fansler, Dan Froehlich, Marge Green, Rui D. Melo Grier, Bill Hammond, Susan Hammond, Wendy Hawkins, Kendail Herbert, Hop Hopkins, Dominique Lizama, Chi Lo, Dreama Lovitt, Craig McCleary, Jane McCleary, Ana Clara Melo, Ana Christina Melo Grier, Heather Moir, Eluterio Pop, Nancy Russo, Narciso Saqui, Judy Scurry, Santiago Shal, Anne Stupka, Ruben Yaxcal, Stephanie Yee
Music: “Anywhere Will Do” by Quique Rodriguez-Pastor, Lovelike ©2014