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Belize International Film Festival 2017 — Gill Pringle reports – Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Thanks to Gill Pringle for including me in her feature on the Belize International Film Festival for “The Wood Thrush Connection” win for Best Short Documentary. A few excerpts from the article:

Festival Director Suzette Zayden is particularly heartened by Reggero’s win, especially as she is a first-time director.

A long time environmentalist who began a climate listening project four years ago, Reggero has found that women are particularly sensitive to environmental issues.

Reggero’s The Wood Thrush Connection documents a recent geotagging project which led to an incredible discovery about the Wood Thrush’s migratory path from North Carolina to Belize, capturing the intercontinental efforts between the Belize and North Carolina Audubon Societies to protect this bird amid a changing climate.

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