our planet 2

One of the coolest things I did this year was meeting the filmmakers behind the Netflix series Our Planet II.

I tried something new that I’ve never done before – interviews over zoom. My work is more in the healing listening than in the interviewing. But Wild Motion asked me to interview the talented filmmakers who researched, filmed, and created the amazing Netflix series Our Planet II and I couldn’t say no. I had no idea what I was doing and while zoom was a great tool for connecting me and all the filmmakers in Africa, Asia, and around the world it is different than listening in the wild and I wish I could have offered deeper listening as these folks are very inspiring and doing extremely difficult and important work. I learned much about the technical side of how to undertake such a large-scale filming production, as well as the research and discovery that is so important to wildlife filming for education and conservation. I wish them the best in their important efforts.

From Instagram: Grateful to share time listening interviewing Our Planet II creators. Watch the new series on Netflix and then go behind the scenes with us! I’ve been trekking into a jungle in Belize to film the Wood Thrush, scared we might encounter jaguars or poachers with guns from other countries. One time I had to go up in a little hand-made ultra-light airplane to film aerial shots because we couldn’t fly the drone and it was like a go cart in the sky – my feet were just swinging in the wind lol. I’ve been filming on a boat in Louisiana bayou when a huge storm came out of nowhere and we’re racing and hiding in a little fishing shack in the water to avoid lightning. The filmmakers with Our Planet II are bringing the best cameras, coolest new equipment, extensive research, biggest talent into the wild and taking on all odds to share new discoveries and advance environmental care. What a dream. Listen to their amazing stories with me!

RePosted • @wildmotiondocs Have some interviews up! Spent the summer with some of the team from Our Planet 2. @hyattofthewoods and @daynareggero thank you for hosting. @jstearnsderulo thanks for helping wrangle these talented people. John Brown @pagodroma @andrererekura @nushfreedman @al_wicks_wild @filipe_deandrade @brianmoghari @coneflower_studios @black.licorice.pictures thank you for the time.

Watch the interviews at INTERVIEWS | Wildmotion. https://www.wildmotion.online/interviews