montana cultivating resilience tour

I just returned from Montana, where I began my Climate Listening Project college and university tour, and released this new video from our Southeast tour featuring farmers who are cultivating resilience on their farms and in their communities.

At the University of Montana in Missoula, I screened the new video as part of a presentation with Laura Lengnick, my CLP food+farming adviser, with hundreds of students and people who were so open and kind, and wanting to talk about climate change and ideas for solutions. We traveled over the continental divide, stopping to read a historic marker at the record cold spot and watch the sun setting in pinks and purples over the Great Falls. We screened the new video at the AERO Conference, a great event, where Laura hosted a discussion on climate change agriculture and community resilience.

Climate Listening Project Screening AERO

When I visited the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, there was a ceremony for the National Historic Landmark designation. It was an honor to be there to witness the native peoples stories and songs about this sacred place, where so many came together and worked together. In Big Sandy, we had an great day filming and listening to farmer, entrepreneur Bob Quinn of Kamut International and so much inspiring and visionary work, who is featured in Laura’s new book “Resilient Agriculture” (New Society Publishers).

Driving the road to the sun through Glacier National Park was terrifying, and beautiful beyond belief. Yellowstone National Park was filled with perfect moments of peacefulness and overwhelming awe of our natural world. During my time in Montana and Wyoming I saw bears, wolves, fox, bison, elk, pronghorn, and many different birds. Wild!

I had never been to that part of the country before. I traveled from Missoula to the First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park to Great Falls to the Highwood Mountains to Fort Benton to Big Sandy to Blackfeet Nation to Glacier National Park. Then on to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

I will be posting a photo gallery soon.

The impacts of climate change in the Rocky Mountains were often evident. Forest fires, pine beetles, and melting glaciers are changing the landscape.

The Climate Listening Project has been an opportunity to see and hear climate change through the voices of people as well as the revelations from the environment. We’ll be traveling to colleges and universities through next year, as well as responding to requests to film, share stories and host discussions on climate change around the world.

We’ll have a new video clip to share from Montana soon. But, first we’re now recording stories to share before the Paris climate event in December.

So many thanks to the the University of Montana, AERO, Montana videographer Dave Pecunies, Bob Quinn and all at Quinn Organic Farm, and Laura Lengnick.

Plus, for the new Cultivating Resilience video, many thanks to Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Andrea Desky and K23 Media, Ken Dawson of Maple Spring Gardens (NC), Will Harris of White Oak Pastures (GA), and Tom Trantham of Happy Cow Creamery (SC), plus all supporters, partners and you!

The new video was also released online via Huffington Post.

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