photo series: 17 humans around the world working for climate hope

The recent IPCC climate report shares a grim forecast for the future of humanity. Is there hope?

My latest Climate Listening Project photo series, Voices of Hope for Forests, features individuals from Indonesia, Mozambique, Tasmania, China, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Scotland, England, and United States – all working together to protect forests and communities as part of the Environmental Paper Network (EPN). These advocates for the forest and for forest people are undeterred by the challenge, and are bringing forward hope and solutions that deliver the forest protection and restoration needed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

What inspires them to pursue this cause? What are the sources of hope that sustain them? Why are they building an international movement to match the scale of the problem?

I was inspired by walking in the forest discussing these topics to create this new photo series and hope that these Voices of Hope for Forests inspire others to their own personal actions as well.

EPN is a world-wide network of over 140 civil society organisations working together towards the Global Paper Vision. This Vision expresses our common goal to create transformational change in the pulp and paper industry and wider society, so that paper production and use contributes to a clean, healthy, just and sustainable future for life on earth.

View the full photo series now and learn more about their work on climate solutions for forests and communities.


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