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woody harrelson’s new tree-friendly paper

So excited to share news from the big launch of Step Forward Paper, co-founded by Woody Harrelson! Watch this video to hear about it from Woody:

“It’s very important that we shift. The forests are the lungs of the world. I’ve always believed if you breathe, you’re an environmentalist.” – Woody Harrelson in Grist.

“I realized that even if you are successful in stopping logging in this or that forest, it just comes up somewhere else, like whack-a-mole (an arcade game where moles popping up through holes, dare you to knock them back down with a mallet). So the thing to do is to look at the way that paper is made.” – Woody Harrelson in Triple Pundit.

Step Forward Paper is certified by Green America, Rainforest Alliance and Forest Stewardship Council.

From Canopy:

Only 20% of the world’s ancient forests remained in tracts large enough to maintain their biodiversity

71% percent of the world’s paper supply is derived from ecologically valuable, biologically    diverse forests rather than other sources

Canopy has been supporting Prairie Pulp and Paper since its inception because every year more than 53 million of tons of agricultural residue in North America’s top wheat growing areas goes unused, while global forests continue to be logged to make paper.

“If you roll back the clock a number of years ago, Staples wasn’t the green corporation that is today. Now, it’s a leader in the green movement. That’s because people like Woody and other environmentalists like myself have asked Staples to start carrying green products,” states Step Forward Paper co-founder Jeff Golfman in Grist.

“The leadership of our member organizations, including Dogwood Alliance and ForestEthics, are what changed Staples a decade ago. And the ripples of that pebble dropped in a pond continue to make expanding waves as innovative products fill the space created by their campaigns, by your ongoing support, and by the visionary work today by Canopy,” adds Joshua Martin of the Environmental Paper Network.

Read more about it from the Associated Press (AP) and try a free sample at StepForwardPaper.com!

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