climate and travel podcast

Introducing the iHeart Radio Speaking of Travel + Climate Listening Project Series with hosts Dayna Reggero and Marilyn Ball! How is climate change impacting places we love to travel? *Places people also call home. Speaking of Travel Podcast host Marilyn Ball and Climate Listening Project director Dayna Reggero invite experts and travelers to talk about how we all can work together for the places we love. 

I’ve been joining Marilyn on Speaking of Travel since 2018 with special guests. Past episodes include:

  • Speaking of Climate
  • Sustainable Travel
  • Agritourism
  • Birding Tourism
  • Travel Stories
  • Green Travel Tips
  • Bee-Safe Travel
  • Exploring Forests

In 2019, we are partnering for new climate and travel podcast episodes each month! I am happy to partner with Speaking of Travel for an ongoing educational series with guest experts who discuss climate change and its impact on the places we love to travel, as well as  how to become sustainable travelers. 

The Speaking of Travel Podcast is available to millions to listen worldwide on the free iHeart Radio app. You can also search Speaking of Travel and listen via Buzzsprout, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and