#iamthebolala – july 27

July 27 #IamtheBolala

Southern forests are truly magical.

But, Southern Forests are rapidly being destroyed.

Since 1996, the Dogwood Alliance has worked to protect Southern Forests, transforming the forest management practices of some of the largest corporations on Earth. Now, they are collaborating with individuals, communities, and groups throughout the South and around the world to bring attention to the crucial role forests play in preventing and adapting to climate change.  Plus, forests are an endless wellspring of inspiration, solace, and recreation!

It’s time for these forests to have a voice.

And it’s a challenge we want to put to the whole world.

On July 27th, let’s overwhelm social media channels!

How? With an awesome new video complete with magical Southern creatures (see the exclusive trailer below).

I am honored to have been a part of a special new animation collaboration with Dogwood Alliance and Free Range Studios (creators on The Story of Stuff Project) to accelerate conversations on how truly magical forests are, why we love them, and how communities are working together to protect them.

Let’s make sure we are heard far and wide.

Your help, along with the amplifying power of the Thunderclap crowd-speaking platform, can make it happen.

Check out the Forest Fable Trailer below and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Tumblr, SnapChat… tell the world why you love forests #IamTheBolala

Forest Fable Trailer:

If we don’t defend our forests, who will? Join the conversation: