winner my hero project

Excited to announce that “The Story We Want” has been honored as Winner for My Hero Project International Film Festival!

My Hero Project’s mission is to celebrate the best of humanity. They said: We admire the passion and commitment displayed by the heroism in your film to make the world a better place. We appreciate your efforts to bring these important stories to life through film.

The women in the film, Tracey Brown Edwards and Caroline Rutledge Armijo, fought big fossil fuel companies in their community and won. They connected people and inspired change by sharing their truth and love. They are my heroes.

Climate Listening Project

About the film:

Dayna Reggero and the Climate Listening Project traveled across America to listen to women confronting fossil fuel industries, climate change impacts, and a culture of extraction by inspiring people to share their stories and take action. We visited North Carolina to hear from women who are living with the realities of the coal industry. Tracey and Caroline worked together and inspired their community to call on Duke Energy to clean up the pollution in Walnut Cove, while fracking and climate change threatened to bring new concerns to their communities. And after years of fighting – they won! Duke Energy is cleaning up the coal ash in North Carolina.

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