new virtual reality film

“Standing Forests” : NEW Virtual Reality Film

This 360 video in collaboration with Dogwood Alliance takes you to a standing forest and reveals what is happening to forests throughout the Southern United States and around the world.

The film is now available to watch free on VEER TV, the leading global VR content platform.

Watch and share : #Stand4Forests.

Forests provide us with the clean air to breathe and clean water to drink that we all need to survive. Plus, not only do standing forests help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon, forests help us adapt to climate change as one of our best defenses against impacts like flooding.

Follow my forest expedition on National Geographic:


Director: Dayna Reggero
Executive Producer: Dogwood Alliance
Creative Director: Brett A McCall
Cinematographers: Andrea Desky, Brett A McCall
Editor and Compositor: Nate Glass
Sound Designer: Robert Gowan
Producer: Better Than Unicorns
Adviser: Scot Quaranda
Associate Producers: Malt Maker Media, Climate Listening Project

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