speaking of travel + climate change podcast series

New Climate Listening Project Podcast Series with Speaking of Travel

How is climate change impacting places we love to travel? *Places people also call home. How can scientists, media, businesses, organizations, communities and each of us as individuals work together for real solutions for the places we love?

I’ll be joining Speaking of Travel’s host Marilyn Ball for three episodes in October, November and December with experts and special guests.


Glacier National Park

First, climate change and sustainable travel with meteorologist and science storyteller Paula Hennon of ScienceTango and Kathi Petersen of Climate City’s The Collider.

In November, climate change and agri-tourism across America with scientist Laura Lengnick of Resilient Agriculture and our Climate Listening Project Cultivating Resilience video series.

And in December, climate change and eco-tourism around the world with birder Kim Brand of Audubon North Carolina and our Climate Listening Project “Wood Thrush Connection” documentary.

Speaking of Travel + Climate Listening Project series premiere airs this Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 1:00- 2pm on 880 the Revolution and Sunday from Noon –1:00 pm on News Radio 570 WWNC. Or anywhere in the world via the iHeartRadio app and via SpeakingofTravel.net.