student climate podcast release

I’ve been collaborating with schools and students to accelerate climate listening across America and around the world. One project is a student climate podcast series by 90 ninth graders as part of a Climate Listening Project + Franklin School of Innovation collaboration. This student climate podcast series is part of a learning expedition, an intensive long-term study, focused on climate change. I hosted a workshop where students learned about how to listen and create engaging thoughtful podcasts. Prior to this, the students gained background knowledge on climate change in science and learned rhetorical appeals in English. The next big phase saw the students going out into the field interviewing community members and experts. They made relevant connections to the guiding question “how do small actions lead to big changes?” – and even held debates. The final product is student-created podcasts.

Go behind the scenes thanks to a short video from The Sustainability Story:

Listen to all the Franklin School of Innovation student Climate Listening Project podcasts via Anchor here.