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I graduated from the University of Denver as a Master of Applied Science. I specialized in environmental policy and management through their University College and studied the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, created environmental impact assessments, gave presentations on the power of public participation, and wrote my thesis about the importance of engaging children with nature in interactive environments. I have gone on to work as an environmentalist female filmmaker while working locally on issues that I care about. When I was studying communications for my undergrad, I was writing all my papers about the environment, and when I was studying environment for my graduate degree, I was writing all my papers about communications. Film is just one tool that I use, a way that I can help make a contribution. I believe we all have a unique contribution to share.

Thanks to the University of Denver Magazine for featuring my work in their sustainability issue:

Alumna shares the human side of climate change








They also sent a film crew!

Watch a teaser with clips from the film:

Watch the full film here.