film festival winner femme film fest

What an honor my latest Climate Listening Project documentary film “Planet Prescription” is a film festival winner as Showcase Selection of the 2022 Femme Film Fest!  Thanks so much to my collaborators Laura Turner-Seydel, Mother’s and Others for Clean Air, Turner Foundation, Laura Hope-Gill, Lenoir-Rhyne University Narrative Healthcare, National Endowment for the Humanities. The film listens to stories from health professionals as they witness how the air pollution and climate change crisis are impacting human health and the communities impacted most by racial injustice.

Planet Prescription, a moving documentary by film director Dayna Reggero, tackles topics not often discussed with grace and urgency…It’s an eye opening film that should make its viewers upset and uncomfortable yet inspired in a way — determined to help make a change. It’s an important documentary that comes in a perfect time, here to highlight the things that matter and have its voice be heard. – Film Critic Anna Miller

The Femme Filmmakers Festival was conceived out of sheer human nature. Or at least, the kind of passion for a greater awareness of the female filmmakers that also reside on this planet. As Filmotomy founder Robin Write has always striven to shine lights on the corners of the film world that simply don’t get the attention like the bigger guns do, setting up an exclusive event to celebrate these women and their movies seemed inevitable.

I’m grateful!

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