new book: love your mother

I’m honored to be a chapter in new book Love Your Mother by Mallory McDuff from Broadleaf Books!

The new book Love Your Mother: 50 States, 50 Stories, and 50 Women United for Climate Justice features so many amazing women–as inspiration for a new kind of leadership focused on the heart of the climate crisis.

This book is a roadmap of how to engage in our communities. This new book shares 50 stories of women in 50 states and is written beautifully by Mallory McDuff! My story includes my documentary The Story We Want in North Carolina about truth tellers Tracey Brown Edwards and Caroline Rutledge Armijo and their inspiring work to protect their community from coal ash pollution.

I’m grateful to Mallory McDuff for listening to my story and also for including women I shared, like Kendra Pinto in New Mexico, Tiffany El-Amin in Kentucky, and more… Read all 50 stories: