climate listening project + exposure labs

Big news! “Planet Prescription”, my latest Climate Listening Project – a climate and health documentary – has a really cool partnership with Exposure Labs, creators of films “The Social Dilemma”, “Chasing Coral”, and “Chasing Ice”!


Our film will be screening to new audiences with tools for film impact as part of Exposure Lab’s Film in the Field effort to connect the film and advocacy worlds to accelerate climate action. They are working with organizations to expand their capacity for film-based organizing on campaigns where film can drive measurable outcomes that they can scale to new regions. Exposure Labs are in collaboration with more than 150 organizations in the Southeast Climate and Energy Network to help connect these stories with new communities.


“Planet Prescription” is a documentary film effort offering a climate solution at the intersection of the air pollution and climate crisis, COVID, and climate justice. This film was inspired by my producing partner Laura Hope Gill and it became a collaboration between filmmakers, healers, communities, nonprofit organizations, and visionaries to offer hopeful solutions for humanistic health care. Thanks to all the partners, including Laura Turner Seydel and Stephanie Blank of Mothers and Others for Clean Air as well as Lenoir-Rhyne University, the North Carolina Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. We followed healers where they work: at huge hospitals, community hospitals, an elementary school, a university wellness center, a doctor’s office in a suburban mini mall, a Healthcare Symposium, and a Grand Rounds Training. I listened to an epidemiologist, pulmonologist, intensive care unit nurse, cardiac surgeon, internist, immunologist, registered nurse, social worker, counselor, and pediatric pulmonologist. So much has happened since we filmed and I think of these and all our healthcare workers every day.

Big Love to all who shared their stories. I am so glad we are getting these stories out there – inspiring others to listen, to share their stories, and to take action.