australia and great barrier reef

We landed in Brisbane, went south and spent a day in lovely Cape Byron in New South Wales, stopped for visit to Surfer’s Paradise, and drove north to Queensland. Enjoyed time by a campfire with the most amazing group of folks from around the world in Agnes Water, Town of 1770 at Cool Bananas Hostel. We explored, each day without plans. After amazing adventures at the Great Barrier Reef, kayaking in the crocodile waters, and just beginning to dream of Northern Territory, we traveled back south to Brisbane to return home.

sea turtle

Sea Turtle in the Coral Sea

fish australia

Amazing fish near the Great Barrier Reef

humpack whale













Humpback Whale in Hervey Bay

humpback whale hervey bay australia

Humpback Whale in Hervey Bay

outback australia

Wide open spaces

australia deep water national park

Kayaking and looking for crocs in Deep Water National Park

kangaroo australia

Kangaroo with baby joey!