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I’m honored to be featured by The Revelator in The Ask: Big Questions, Important Answers.

The Revelator, an online news and ideas initiative of the Center for Biological Diversity, provides editorially independent investigative reporting, analysis and stories at the intersection of politics, conservation, art, culture, endangered species, climate change, economics and the future of wild species, wild places and the planet.

Listening can make things happen, says environmentalist and documentary filmmaker Dayna Reggero. When you listen — really listen — you provide a space for the speaker to make discoveries, connections and critical shifts.

To shift the conversation around climate change, Reggero has been crisscrossing the United States, listening. She asks individuals and families to talk about the climate impacts they’re experiencing — and the climate solutions they’re coming up with. She films these conversations so that others can listen too. This is the Climate Listening Project, one of the goals of which is creating connection around a topic that usually results in sharp divides.

The Revelator asked Reggero about the Climate Listening Project and how we can move forward in our conversations about climate change.

Read the interview:

Thanks to The Revelator and the Center for Biodiversity! I’m grateful to Cybele Knowles and John Platt for the opportunity to share stories and ideas about climate communication.


Thanks to The Revelator, an initiative of @centerforbiodiv! I follow the connections that bring people together. I have found that when we really listen to each other, there is more that connects us than divides us. Through my films, I try to follow connections people can relate to so they can see someone like them, who cares about the same things they care about, and create opportunities for listening parent to parent, person of faith to person of faith, farmer to farmer, business person to business person, and so on. . . #climatechange #actonclimate #climate #communication #filmmaker #femalefilmmakerfriday #womeninfilm #listen #interview #connection #women4climate #climateaction #therevelator #wild #fearless

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